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Our vast network of suppliers means that we can source high-quality products from many regions across the globe, delivering in a timely manner and at competitive prices. We source & deliver the Best out of Best! We can source & deliver and any region of African Continent and other states of world wide as per the requirement given to us.We offer both containerized and break-bulk shipments to suit your needs. Contact us for more details and to see how we can best help you with your product and market needs.

Please find below the full range of products offerings by SUN IMPEX & in addition to this, we can provide you with a variety of other food and non food items on request.

Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)

This product is being used by the premium brands for manufacturing foreign liquor Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, etc. This ENA is in the pure form of 96.4% which is being extracted from the sugar cane factories present all over the India and is used for exports all over the world.

Hardware Products

Locks, Doors & Window Accessories, Nuts & Bolts, Handles, Hinges, Hooks, Pipes, Hand Operated Tools and all other hardware related accessories, tools & mechanisms.

Sanitary Products:

All types of ceramic & tiles, sanitary wares, urinals, Faucets, Shower Range, Mirrors, Sinks, Bath tubs, Shower Panels, Pressure pumps and all other products accessories related to bathroom fittings.

Agricultural Products

Vegetable Seeds, Fruit Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Agro Equipments, etc.

Chemical Products

Medicinal Products related to food & agricultural products.

Energy Products

Milk Products, Milk Powder, Juices Tetra Packs & all types of eatable packed products.

Handicraft Items

All kind of Household items, home & gardening items, decorative items, consumer items etc.


All kind of Household items, home & gardening items, decorative items, consumer items etc.


Runner & Plastic footwear’s.