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Within a last decade we have developed a huge network of manufacturer, wholesalers & distributors who require mass units of Quality products from the overseas companies and on the similar side those companies on the other side completely rely to get best value for their 100% original & quality products. As we owe our own warehouses we also buy the products from the sellers and as & when the enquiry comes we deliver.

We do make a stock of some specific products and we also distribute the products within the Indian region as per the requirement. Hence you can contact us for any of such product range whether you want to ship overseas or if you want to sell or if you want in any of the Indian regions.

Please find below the full range of products Imported by SUN IMPEX & in addition to this, if you have any other products out of this list still you can reach us.

Consumer Electronics

Audio Sets, LED / LCD Display Sets, Automobile Accessories, Kitchen Electronics, Sanitary Appliances, Office Electronics, Mobile & other Communication devices, etc.

Health Products

Massager & Beauty Equipments, etc.

Household Interiors

Decorative Items, Electronics Accessories, etc.

Handicraft Items

All kind of Household items, home & gardening items, decorative items, consumer items etc.

Office Supplies

Ink Cartridges, Stationeries, Educational Appliances, Display Materials, etc.

Food Items

Food & Beverages, Oil products, Spices, Snacks, Vegetables, etc.